PC & The Angels of Death are Bringing Back Cosmic Music

When Gram Parsons first called his version of rock infused country music “Cosmic” back around 1972, I bet he had no idea that it would grab so many people. In the same way, he explained it as gathering all styles together (country, rock, and soul at the time). To Gram it was just a mixed bag. But today there are many groups that name Parsons as a big influence. This article is about one of them.


Today, a country rock group called PC &The Angels of Death are re-blazing a path that had grown over long ago. Lead by Patrick Coleman, they have released their second album California Formica Cowboys to a receptive audience who wholly embrace their strong Gram Parsons, Byrds, and Rolling Stones influence. And with the state of today’s bland/sad rock and country pop shlock, it’s a welcomed change.

So what is happening? Newspeak. What’s new is old. What’s old is new. Some kind of country rock that falls into the cracks between today and yesterday. Between Nashville and Los Angeles. They make it clear in the first track “Formica Cowboys” that they’re “dropping out and feeling fine” as they don’t fit any current industry mold. But that’s okay. Their Facebook page has fans that are purchasing from all over the world. Looks like the establishment will be left behind, as it was in America’s last election.

mssPC &The Angels of Death sound like a country band at times, and at others a rock band. But it works. It’s reminiscent of the Stones’ Exile On Main Street. They have a sense of humor, but can also be sensitive. And the vocal harmonies tie the songs together into an easily into a tasty dish. Give them a try. We like them.